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    What is a careers consultant?

    “Career consultants are professionals who help match the abilities and goals of specific individuals with opportunities to work in a given field or industry. Career consulting usually involves assessing the skills of the client, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and assisting in the process of successfully launching a career that is both personally rewarding and financially […]

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    Career Success

    How to predict the right career

    Are you struggling to figure out exactly what career you want to follow and wish you could wave a magic wand and instantly have the result? Unfortunately that’s not an option open to us so how do you predict the right career for you? The honest answer is that you can’t! I know that there […]

    How to get a job when you don’t have the experience

    You’ve just heard about a vacancy for your ideal job but the company is looking for someone with experience you don’t have so how do you get a job when you don’t have the experience? You have two options: 1.  Forget it, who are you trying to kid, they will never even interview you let alone […]

    Job Search

    3 reasons for using LinkedIn to ensure your career success

    LinkedIn plays an integral part in your career success yet few people are actually making the best use if it.  There are many who set up a profile on LinkedIn and connect with a few people and believe that is enough. Unfortunately it’s not! That is why I am giving my top 3 reasons for […]

    Tips for graduate job seekers

    I was talking to a friend the other day who told me he would rather recruit a graduate who had taken on any job for a couple of years (no matter how unrelated to his business) before undertaking a Masters degree, than a graduate fresh out of university with a Masters and no work experience. This […]

    CV Tips


    Sometimes a job opportunity can arise when you least expect it and you can be asked for a copy of your CV which you haven’t updated in months. There is no time for you to do a complete re-write and wishing that you had isn’t helping.   So what can you do?   While the […]

    CV Writing – The best style/format for your CV

    We all want to be able to write a CV that gets read and results in an interview but just what is the best style/format for your CV? I have had several clients ask me this question expecting me to issue them with the CV template which is guaranteed to get results. The best piece […]

    Interview Tips

    How to survive interviews

    I have just finished reading a really interesting article about the lack of preparation by many candidates prior to attending a job interview. It really amazes me how even those who appear on paper to be very competent and capable fail to get the job because of poor performance in the interview. With the current […]

    How to prepare for video chat interviews

    If you haven’t yet attended a job interview via video chat, chances are you will soon. Video chat interviews are increasing in popularity as they prove beneficial to both parties in the recruitment process. Video interviews can offer employers a glimpse into the personality of a job candidate, but it can also give candidates a […]